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Farewell from your Community Collections & Outreach Archivist

The time has come to reflect and officially bring to a close the York: Gateway to History project. It has been an incredible two years and we at Explore have come together as one Library and Archive service. My role on the project is also coming to an end this week and I can't believe … Continue reading Farewell from your Community Collections & Outreach Archivist

Ware and tear – The challenges of cataloguing a large solicitors archive

This week I wanted to share the journey of one of our archive cataloguing projects and how we made a 78 box collection accessible to the public for the first time. Our volunteers work incredibly hard and you've heard from and about them in our earlier blog posts and on social media. They dedicate their … Continue reading Ware and tear – The challenges of cataloguing a large solicitors archive

Creating community connections

As we head towards the summer I’m reflecting on my time in York, since those days in early January when I first started. I’m very lucky to be living and working in such a beautiful city and to be meeting such enthusiastic people with interesting archives and projects to share. I thought I'd use this … Continue reading Creating community connections

The CMH project: an end and a beginning

The NCGS-funded City Making History project officially comes to an end this month, though work on the civic archive will continue as part of our preparations for reopening the archive in the improved HLF-funded spaces at York Explore in late 2014. The online civic catalogue in all its glory is intended to be one of … Continue reading The CMH project: an end and a beginning

Happy 1st Birthday CMH Blog!

I logged into WordPress today to be met by a little icon of a trophy in the dashboard, "ooh, what's that?" I thought, well I clicked on it to find out and it seems that this blog is a year old this week. Cool. Time flies! Let’s dig a bit deeper into what we’ve been up … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday CMH Blog!

Taking Stock of ‘A City Making History’

It’s now week 33 of this project, and I thought it would be a good time to take a step back and look at what I’ve done so far. I’m going to give a recap of Phases 2-4 of the project and then talk about what I’m doing for Phase 5 over the next four weeks. … Continue reading Taking Stock of ‘A City Making History’

Like a swan: serene on top, paddling furiously underneath.

Hello readers and apologies for the sudden hush that has descended onto this blog. It has been a very busy month, and blogging has had to take a back seat so that deadlines can be met. Most importantly though... WE GOT THE BID! Hopefully you will have heard this already, but we have been successful … Continue reading Like a swan: serene on top, paddling furiously underneath.

Finding yourself in the archives

One of the joys and challenges of researching archival sources is going beneath the skin of a physical item and transporting yourself back to the moment when it was created, whether fifty or five hundred years ago. Sometimes working out what a record is about, or whom, can be a slow and difficult process requiring … Continue reading Finding yourself in the archives

The subtle art of cataloguing

I had a steady week testing and refining my structure, which should be ready to show you soon. I’ll give a run down of how it works when you can see it, but today I’m going talk about how archival theory underpins and influences what I am doing. First comes motivation. Simply put, archives are kept … Continue reading The subtle art of cataloguing

Why bother? The local perspective

I’m just starting my sixth week in the job and have been thinking a lot about not just how, but why I am cataloguing these records. Obviously my managers, my employer and the funding body think it’s a good idea, but it’s only just sinking in on a personal level quite how useful this really … Continue reading Why bother? The local perspective