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A tale of two archives services

As Richard mentioned in his blog post earlier in the week, York Explore has now closed for the last phase of the Gateway to History building works. As part of the closure, earlier this week I spent time helping the staff at York Explore move part of our temporary Archives and Local History service from … Continue reading A tale of two archives services

A new voice and a new service

It’s time for yet another new voice on the blog! I’m Laura, and as Justine hinted at in her last blog post I started work as the new Archives and Local History Public Services Manager on 7th April. Like Justine I have previously worked at the Borthwick Institute for Archives (University of York), and I’ve … Continue reading A new voice and a new service

Past, Present, Future

There are 6 weeks left for my part of the CMH project, and so you might think it is nearly time for me to start winding down the blog. Not so! Instead of closing it down we are instead going to open it up. They’ll be new authors and topics, as we morph it into a … Continue reading Past, Present, Future

The storm before the calm

Is it really that long since my last post? Oh dear, time has flown. Since then I have unpacked, sorted, shelved and scanned the barcodes of over 850 boxes. I keep taking pictures to post on here, and then before I get the chance to put them online I unpack more boxes and so take … Continue reading The storm before the calm

Archives on shelf = peaceful. Archives in transit = hard work!

  Let’s start with a sign of the times. Do you remember the York Press article about the project that was out in the Autumn? The top picture is that of me standing in the mezzanine, pondering, surrounded my massive plan chests and towering stacks of plans of bridges. Well it’s now completely empty! I … Continue reading Archives on shelf = peaceful. Archives in transit = hard work!

Taking control of the archive, box by box by box

Time has flown since my last blog post! I've now been to the local storage contractor I told you about, to see the space for the first time and see how much of the collection we can fit in, based on the measurements taken the week before. It was a really useful visit as it let us see all … Continue reading Taking control of the archive, box by box by box

Space, the final frontier…

Our move out of the art gallery is fast approaching. As the new strongroom at York Explore won’t be ready until next year, the records need to go into storage in the meantime. The bulk of the archive will be going away for a year to remote storage, but what about the civic archive that … Continue reading Space, the final frontier…