Past, Present, Future

GTA VI? No! Architect's visualisation showing new archive storage extension
GTA York dlc? No! Architect’s visualisation showing new archive storage extension

There are 6 weeks left for my part of the CMH project, and so you might think it is nearly time for me to start winding down the blog. Not so! Instead of closing it down we are instead going to open it up. They’ll be new authors and topics, as we morph it into a blog for our whole archive service rather than just this civic cataloguing project.

Over the next few weeks you can expect a new batch of posts from me, updating you on what the project has achieved, what the new catalogue is going to look like, and how the volunteers are making progress. There will also be another Lucky Dip or two to get us up close and personal with more hidden gems of the collection.

As well as that, we’ll start to have posts about the bigger picture of what’s going on, particularly the Gateway to History Project.

Preliminary ideas for the landing
Sketch ideas for the oculus

This is an exciting time for the archive, with a new cataloguing foundation in place for the civic archive, and the imminent move of selected archive and local history resources downstairs at York Explore to run as a core reduced service, allowing building work to begin upstairs.

There will be lots of temporary changes to services, and occasional closures to parts of the building, so we will use this blog to not just give notice of this but go behind the scenes to what’s actually happening, and explore the reasons behind the changes.

Overview7 Sep 2013

For the most up to date information if you are planning a visit, see our key information page.  There are also collections guides from the different stages to let you know what material is available when, on which subjects.

Oh, and we also have a new Twitter for the archives,  separate from the joint @YorkLibrariesUK one. This will allow us to post more archival-specific tweets and engage with other archives online, without spamming all library followers. Currently trending across the UK, archival kittens! Our new account is @YorkArchivesUK so please drop by, welcome us, and share your favourite historic mog.

3 thoughts on “Past, Present, Future

  1. This is encouraging. I coordinate First World War centennial activity for the British Assoc. for Local History (and am also involved with Clements Hall Local History Group, York). A number of organisations in York are focused on this centennial including the NRM, YMT, schools and local history groups. It would be useful to have a short guide to docs and other resources relating to the FWW held in the archives (as, for example, been prepared by West Yorks Archives Service) Is this possible?.

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