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Farewell from your Community Collections & Outreach Archivist

The time has come to reflect and officially bring to a close the York: Gateway to History project. It has been an incredible two years and we at Explore have come together as one Library and Archive service. My role on the project is also coming to an end this week and I can't believe … Continue reading Farewell from your Community Collections & Outreach Archivist

NEW art project launched at York Explore

Do you remember at the start of the year we ran ‘What Should York Remember?’ and the Archives Roadshow? We mentioned there could be an art project in the pipeline and that you should wait for details….well your wait is over! I’m pleased to announce the results of the Roadshow and to launch ‘What York … Continue reading NEW art project launched at York Explore

Hello there! Introducing Explore’s Newbie…

Hello there! I am Jenny McGarvey, the latest newbie here at York Explore (when I say “newbie”, that’s not technically correct. You might recognise me from my previous blog post, “Getting to Grips with Criminal Histories...”, posted back in March when I was a placement student here, but I am delighted to be back as … Continue reading Hello there! Introducing Explore’s Newbie…

What makes you a Yorkie?

I’m sat in one of our branch libraries and a member of the public walks in; I ask, ‘What do you think York should remember?’ The member of the public replies, ‘O, well I’m not from York’ Probing further I ask, ‘How long have you lived here?’ ‘Around 30 years’ they answer, quickly followed by … Continue reading What makes you a Yorkie?

Libraries & Archives together at last!

Today I’m feeling inspired as I’ve just returned from the second day of my tour of Explore York Libraries.  I have been overwhelmed by the dedication, community spirit and welcome we received  from both staff and users. I've never worked as part of a library service before so when I was invited to tour the … Continue reading Libraries & Archives together at last!