Lights, Camera, Action!

There was a buzz of activity in Explore’s Archive Reading Room yesterday, as Sarah and I had the joys of filming a Gateway to Your Archives workshop. The outcome will be 3 films that will go onto Explore’s website in 2016, so that community groups can still get plenty of advice on how to store, manage and collect their own archives once the Gateway to History project has ended.

All three scripts for the day ahead
All three scripts for the day ahead

The day started with setting up, which involved shifting all the furniture in our Reading Room around, getting all the lighting and microphones in place, and of course making sure all three cameras were up and running. We had a lovely team of past workshop attendees who agreed to come in and be filmed, so we were all set!

Sarah and John, community film maker from, running through the days proceedings with everyone.

Then the spotlight was on Sarah to deliver short, concise versions of the workshop sessions- starting with ‘Understanding Your Archives’ in the morning, and then ‘Storing Your Archives’ and finally ‘Delving into Digital’ in the afternoon. Our attendees were brilliant, chipping in with scripted questions and comments right on cue, and even doing some ad-libbing when required to!

Our wonderful attendees ad-libbing a workshop activity!
Our wonderful attendees ad-libbing a workshop activity!

Explore’s Digital Inclusion Manager, Liam Wilkinson even popped in to talk about social media for our final film of the day. Overall, the day was a huge success, and we will be able to provide you with fabulous training videos for you to use to produce your own archives! Keep your eyes peeled on the Explore website at at the start of 2016 for more details…

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