This blog was first launched by the then City Making History project archivist, Justine Winstanley-Brown in June 2012. This project was a City of York Council Libraries and Archives project to catalogue the York civic archive, dating from 1155-1974 in an innovative new way. The blog started life as a personal diary tracing the highs and lows of the cataloguing project, sharing behind the scenes insights, problems and thought processes. Towards the latter end of 2013 posts wound down as the demands of the cataloguing work increased.

The original 2012 site design
The original 2012 site design

At the start of 2014 the blog became a multi-author platform to showcase the whole of the archives service, including the Gateway to History project, and the development of the new public services. You can now find a wider range of topics, and we will be blogging weekly once more.

The new May 2014 site design
The new May 2014 site design


On the 1st May 2014 the libraries and archives service ‘spun out’ of the City of York Council to form a community benefit society, supported by CYC, to deliver libraries and archives services in York. Further information can be found on our new website at

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