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Flood update – no news is good news

With some dramatic flooding around York today, you might be wondering how the archive basement is doing. Our usual problem is with saturated ground, rather than the river level, so I'm pleased to report that all is well - but will keep you posted if we have any dramas as the water rises through the day. If … Continue reading Flood update – no news is good news

Clearing out the cobwebs and the clutter

We have three onsite strongrooms: creatively called strongrooms one, two, and three. These spaces are not perfect for keeping records (they have windows, and no environmental controls) but they are dry, have stable temperatures and can be accessed with a trolley. However, under strongroom three there is the basement... As I’ve mentioned before, the basement is below … Continue reading Clearing out the cobwebs and the clutter


Behind the ever-developing theories and methods for working with archives, there are two central tenets that archivists can pretty much agree on: access and preservation. This cataloguing project is targeted primarily at access, but as the rain fell and the river levels rose in York over the weekend, our attention switched back to preservation as … Continue reading Floodwatch