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Exploring York and York Exploring

I’ve been at City of York Council for a month now, so what have I been doing? Well, my main focus has been to get a better idea of what non-civic archive collections we hold. Over the past month I’ve worked my way through a total of 1,023  individual archive entries, relying mostly on the … Continue reading Exploring York and York Exploring

A New Year a new project!

Happy New Year and welcome to the first post about the York: Gateway to History Heritage Lottery Funded project. ‘York: Gateway to History is an exciting project to create a 21st century Archive and Local History Service for York - a service which serves and reflects all communities and cultures, past and present, in this … Continue reading A New Year a new project!

The CMH project: an end and a beginning

The NCGS-funded City Making History project officially comes to an end this month, though work on the civic archive will continue as part of our preparations for reopening the archive in the improved HLF-funded spaces at York Explore in late 2014. The online civic catalogue in all its glory is intended to be one of … Continue reading The CMH project: an end and a beginning

Many hands make light work

As promised, here is an introduction to the work of the  City Making History Project volunteers – processing the civic archive at item level whilst I catalogue it at series level. A while back I hosted a training and induction day for the volunteers to meet each other and me, find out about the project, and have … Continue reading Many hands make light work

The York: A City Making History Project needs YOU

It’s now that time in the project where we are looking for people to help us. Whilst I can just about catalogue the archive in the time available, I won’t be able to package everything to modern preservation standards on my own. This is where you come in! The idea is that I catalogue at … Continue reading The York: A City Making History Project needs YOU

Taking Stock of ‘A City Making History’

It’s now week 33 of this project, and I thought it would be a good time to take a step back and look at what I’ve done so far. I’m going to give a recap of Phases 2-4 of the project and then talk about what I’m doing for Phase 5 over the next four weeks. … Continue reading Taking Stock of ‘A City Making History’

A warm welcome to York Press readers!

Hello and welcome to those of you who have read about the City Making History project in the York Press and come along to find out more. This blog is the story of the cataloguing project, where I talk about what I’m doing, why and how. If you’d like more background info about the project, … Continue reading A warm welcome to York Press readers!

How authority files can make archive catalogues more like IMDB

The replacement of paper catalogues like Giles’ with digital databases has allowed archivists to cram ever more information into them, and made them more flexible for researchers to use. The digital elements I'm working on up until Christmas are called “authority files”. When we catalogue a record, one of the things we record is its creator. This … Continue reading How authority files can make archive catalogues more like IMDB

Da-da! Functional map finally revealed

I finished the functional map back in early September and moved on to my next major task (building authority files) but I’ve just got round to having it printed out on the massive CYC printer so I have a real physical copy to stick on the wall and share with you. I’m sorry I didn’t get … Continue reading Da-da! Functional map finally revealed

Functional vs structural (or organisational) arrangement

So, version 1.0 of my structure is now thoroughly tested and ready to go. I worked on it in a visual mind-map format, but have now distilled it into a simplified and accessible two-level text based catalogue structure. The final thing I need to do before showing it here is to provide some context by discussing … Continue reading Functional vs structural (or organisational) arrangement