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Creating a legacy for York’s Veterans

Today is the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, and with this in mind I wanted to share with you a new project we’re running as part of the Gateway to History project. You may have seen on the news today that there are a lot of anniversary ceremonies and services taking place out in Normandy. Veterans … Continue reading Creating a legacy for York’s Veterans

There’s a lot going on and we’re going to be part of it!

I’ve been very busy over the past month, so here’s a breakdown in numbers of what we’ve got so far: I’ve recorded and categorised 577 community groups across York; Identified 129 community collections to which authority files and collection level descriptions need to be created; There are a total of 54 community groups represented by … Continue reading There’s a lot going on and we’re going to be part of it!

Exploring York and York Exploring

I’ve been at City of York Council for a month now, so what have I been doing? Well, my main focus has been to get a better idea of what non-civic archive collections we hold. Over the past month I’ve worked my way through a total of 1,023  individual archive entries, relying mostly on the … Continue reading Exploring York and York Exploring

Full steam ahead

Since I got back from my holiday everything has speeded up. I’ve now moved offices to the offsite storage location, and am working there 4 days a week. On Fridays I’m back at the art gallery or hot-desking in the new council building West Offices, to catch up with my line manager and plan the … Continue reading Full steam ahead

Lucky Dip #7 – Debtors’ Account Books

It’s time for another Lucky Dip! Aisle 7 contains various types of court records, which have been catalogued under the “F” class. Court records are not part of my cataloguing project, but have a place in the new structure that they will be put into later. I selected this box off the shelf... “Debtor’s Prisoners Account books.” At first glance … Continue reading Lucky Dip #7 – Debtors’ Account Books

Taking Stock of ‘A City Making History’

It’s now week 33 of this project, and I thought it would be a good time to take a step back and look at what I’ve done so far. I’m going to give a recap of Phases 2-4 of the project and then talk about what I’m doing for Phase 5 over the next four weeks. … Continue reading Taking Stock of ‘A City Making History’

How authority files can make archive catalogues more like IMDB

The replacement of paper catalogues like Giles’ with digital databases has allowed archivists to cram ever more information into them, and made them more flexible for researchers to use. The digital elements I'm working on up until Christmas are called “authority files”. When we catalogue a record, one of the things we record is its creator. This … Continue reading How authority files can make archive catalogues more like IMDB

Da-da! Functional map finally revealed

I finished the functional map back in early September and moved on to my next major task (building authority files) but I’ve just got round to having it printed out on the massive CYC printer so I have a real physical copy to stick on the wall and share with you. I’m sorry I didn’t get … Continue reading Da-da! Functional map finally revealed

The subtle art of cataloguing

I had a steady week testing and refining my structure, which should be ready to show you soon. I’ll give a run down of how it works when you can see it, but today I’m going talk about how archival theory underpins and influences what I am doing. First comes motivation. Simply put, archives are kept … Continue reading The subtle art of cataloguing

Out and about

Last week I had a bit of a change from my normal routine. I went to the University of Manchester to take part in a training course, and the archives hosted a visit from 46 members of the York Civic Trust. As I’ve mentioned before, the new digital catalogue will be available online. There are … Continue reading Out and about