A brief hiatus

gone fishingOnce more, silence here accompanies busyness in the real world. Over the last few weeks the towers of packing crates have grown, and it feels like our office has too as most of the furniture has been taken away.  I now have a move date for my office to the new location (17th April!) and the final plans for moving both the civic archive and rest of the collections into storage are being arranged with the contractors.

We are still looking for more pairs of hands to join us with the project in June, so please get in touch if you are interested.

With most things planned and prepped for my project, it’s  good point to take a break from the chaos whilst work on the rest of archive carries on, so I’m off for a week’s holiday to warmer climes. If you’d like to get in touch with the archives whilst I am away, you can use our generic email address archives@york.gov.uk or leave a comment here as usual and I’ll get back to you the week after next. See you soon!

One thought on “A brief hiatus

  1. Hope the move goes well and that you will be able to work more efficiently there. Keep getting York citizens to send you their news and memories.
    the elderly in homes may have time to reminisce if someone went and sat with them. (they might also enjoy a visit!)
    good wishes, Audrey r USA (born, lived, worked in York) in in the USA

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