8 thoughts on “Spot the difference! 1892 flood vs this morning

  1. From the Yorkshire Evening Press of that date. There is loads more if anyone wants to go see the paper at Xplore.
    The most disastrous fire which had occurred in York for many years broke out in the extensive premises of Messrs Boyes and Co, the Remnant Warehouse, Ouse Bridge, about 8 o’clock this morning. The premises, which had an extensive frontage to Bridge Street on the north side of that thoroughfare, were stocked with a vast quantity of draperies, dress materials, and fancy goods generally, ready for the Christmas trade, and formed one of the finest shops in the city. The building was of five or six storey, and was formerly occupied by Messrs Varvill’s, ironmongers, and it stood on the site of the ancient St William’s Chapel and the City Hall. By a quarter to ten all hopes of saving the premises had been abandoned, and the fire brigades, while playing on the blazing mass to keep down the heat, devoted their attention to saving the adjoining premises, namely Mr Davill’s shop and house, and Messrs Empson’s wholesale grocery warehouse and offices, which adjoined Messrs Boyes’ on the riverside. In those directions the efforts of the Brigades were successful.

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